Growing up, most drummers can probably remember beating on everything in the house, including the typical pots and pans.  My story is no different.  Years later that would meld into a symphony of swingin on Jazz gigs, soulful R&B riffs and rockin out on the kit in a variety of venues from my hometown of Chicago to the dirty South to LA.  Sounds sexy, right? Some times it was, but more often than not, it wasn't.  My dreams of mesmerizing  thousands on stage, ala some big name like the Yellow Jackets, hadn't manifested. I was a talented drummer grinding away in Corporate America, while Moonlighting as a musician.  I longed to step out of the confines of Corporate America and into a culture of cats just like me.  Then one day it hit me, a symbol calling for drummers worldwide to release their inner child, unite and be free. Sounds and notes came flooding in. I had a light bulb moment.  That was it! I decided to brand the universal note unique only to drummers and For Loud Anointed Musicians worldwide.  F.L.A.M. was born.

    I took the note to another level, creating an apparel brand donning the symbol and its acronym for drummers and percussionists around the world to wear with pride.  My mission is to create a fraternal bond for drummers and percussionists of all skill levels, ages, nationalities and genders.  Who can wear F.L.A.M. apparel? Anyone who makes beats or supports the Art of Drumming. Whether you're rocking our t-shirts, sweat shirts, head bands, drum cases or anything our logo will go on, our goal is for every person to tap into the power behind the symbol.  The drums are often defined as the heartbeat of the band.  Find what causes your heart to beat and release the child within through F.L.A.M.! 



F.L.A.M. Gear Company, LLC

Houston, TX

Monday-Friday 9am - 10pm
Saturday-Sunday 10:30am - 9pm